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Headshots top 10 tips

As an increasing number of people are choosing to form business relationships online with sites such as LinkedIn. It's never been more important to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression with a memorable headshot image. Here are some our top tips.

top tip 1

Reflect your personality and industry

Successful business people become so because they have a specific trait which makes them stand out from the crowd so think about what yours is and try and communicate it in the picture. Maybe you're a great communicator, maybe you understand how to motivate people, whatever your single biggest strength is find a way to express it. People do business with people, so be yourself.

It's also important to choose a style of photo shoot that reflects your market. New media businesses need to avoid looking too corporate, keeping outfits smart but casual, whilst lawyers need to be in more formal attire with fitted shirts, jackets and smart accessories.

top tip 2

Go natural

Lots of people think getting the perfect business shot is a case of sitting down and smiling for a few minutes but if you really want to look your best then try and be as natural as possible, literally.

Even if you're a slave to the caffeine give it a miss on the morning of the shoot. Hot drinks can make you look sweaty, even flustered, so instead drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

Keep your food intake light and healthy as if you're feeling bloated or tired it will come across in the picture.accessories.

top tip 3

Practice makes perfect

It might sound counter-intuitive to practice a natural pose but most photographers are working against the clock so you need to be ready for them as soon as you sit down. Look in the mirror and find a pose which looks natural yet professional and if you can't find one keep trying until you do.

top tip 4

Make the effort

It's important to make sure you look as professional during the shoot so be sure to remove all oil and grease from your skin and hair. Also whilst you think it might make you look healthier you need to avoid spray tans at all costs!

Some studios provide hair and make-up stylists and no matter how good you think you are at doing it yourself I'd say go in natural and let the professionals do their work.

top tip 5

Choose colours carefully

When it comes to clothes simplicity is key. Mid-tone colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue) work best and try to avoid any busy patterns which will distract people from looking at your face.

Lots of people turn up wearing white but the colour tends to wash out against the background so make sure you have some other colours on hand to compliment this.

top tip 6

Get your head down

Getting a good night's sleep is easier said than done for many busy business people but try and get as much rest as possible the night before your shoot. Nobody wants to do business with somebody who looks exhausted and turning up feeling refreshed and awake will really come across in the picture.

top tip 7

Go for colour and quality

Black and white headshots can often look dated so make sure your shots are all in colour which will help your personality shine through. Keep your pictures crisp, make sure they're of a high resolution (typically 300dpi) and where possible get both portrait and landscape shots to suit any page layout.

top tip 8

Look down the lens

A common mistake people make is to look past the camera which makes them look distant - not great for first impressions. By making direct eye contact with the camera you look engaged, switched on and ready to build business relationships.

It's important to avoid shots from above as this can make the subject look smaller and less authoritative. You should sit up tall and try and smile without looking overly happy, as this can come across as unprofessional.

top tip 9

Consider the crop

An increasing number of our clients hire us to create images for use on sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter, both of which automatically crop images. You need to plan for this so make sure that your photographer provides a service which ensures the cropped image is still crisp and keeps you looking at your best.

top tip 10

Keep it in the studio

Always go for studio shoots and avoid outdoor settings. You're at the mercy of the weather and the background will often be distracting, taking the focus away from yourself. Studios are custom designed to create the perfect lighting and background for professional shots, making you the centre of attention. Try and go for grey backgrounds which are soft and versatile, rather than white, which often look clinical and a little cheap.

Some common mistakesSome common mistakes

pre-shoot advice

Tie your tie to perfection, concealing the top button of your shirt; this style is called a Four in Hand Tie Knot. Solid coloured ties made from polyester and silk work best, however, knitted ties are also photogenic, accompanied with the right combination suit, this too can look modern and fresh.

shirts and suits

Fitted shirts are highly recommended. Nothing looks better than a crisp collar.
Pastel shades or white shirts look best and stand out from shirts with a patterned style.
Tailored suits also stand out, three piece suits also look smart. Keep the patterns and stripes to a subtle minimum although most fabric types seem to work well.

less corporate looking styles

This section is aimed at the less corporate individual, perhaps an entrepreneur in tech, food, arts, design, fashion or even blogging. You could be worth billions like Mark Zuckerberg and probably couldn't care less what you look like, but if you do, then lets start by saying that... HOODIES are an absolute turn-off. Instead, think more along the lines of contemporary fashion and really make an effort to look crisp, sharp and modern. Create an image that will inspire new business to connect with you.

nails and accessories

Before the photoshoot go pamper yourself. Treat yourself to a manicure. Yes, you read that right, clean looking nails are a sign of success and an accessory such as a modern looking watch can help you look as successful as the people you would like to attract to
do new business with you.

advice for women

Try to avoid solid coloured long-sleeve dresses without anything to go over it.
As you can see in the example above, it is more flattering when your dress or shirt is
accompanied by a suit jacket, however sleeveless dresses also look decent.
We always recommend a separation between the shoulder line and chest.
Solid colours & pastel colours look great, however try to avoid complex patterns as this can sometimes look distorted once the image is processed.

choosing necklaces

Colouring hair digitally isn't very easy, so if you’re not happy with how your roots are looking, please make sure you visit a salon prior to the corporate headshot.
If you're package is greater than the Headshot, then amazing looking nails will help you stand out from the crowd. French manicured, pale/nude colours
work well, but then dark colours like black and deep red look good too. Try to compliment the nail colour with the outfit, and if you’re doing multiple outfits, perhaps keep it neutral.

less corporate looking styles

This section is aimed at the less corporate individual, perhaps an entrepreneur in tech, food, arts, design, fashion or even blogging. Think along the lines of contemporary fashion and really make an effort to look crisp, sharp and modern. Create an image that will inspire new business to
connect with you.

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Corporate Headshots Tips For LinkedIn Profiles From DG CORPORATE London

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A poor CORPORATE HEADSHOT could ruin your chances of success! It's really as simple as that. We hope you enjoy browsing this page, we've spent years packing it with the best tips so that you can make the most from your BUSINESS PORTRAIT. Please do let us know if we can be of any further help.

What Does Your CORPORATE HEADSHOT Say About You?

On Monday August 15th 2011 we had an independent behavioral psychologist stand outside the steps of Bank station, London and survey 100 business people. We wanted to find out what they thought represented a great CORPORATE HEADSHOT. Found above in the side bar on the right are the shots that they thought could undermine a person or business. Naturally we have presented the most favourable ones on our galleries. We also found out that the 'team page' is the third most viewed page.
Prior to your BUSINESS HEADSHOT PHOTOSHOOT you may want to research some images online that you think best reflect the idea you want to draw inspiration from. You can bring these ideas with you to our studio and we will help create images for you that will inspire more people to connect with you. Styling is really important, many people say they hate having their photos taken, please trust us and leave this to us to make sure we bring out the best in you. What we can't do is choose your outfits, please refer to the styling advice above to ensure your final images are the best they can be. Please call the team today if you would like to discuss your project.